• What do we do?
    What do we do?

    LVA-Check offers a complete Human Resources assessment system that integrates unique Layered Voice Analysis Technology to maintain honesty and integrity in staff.

  • Pre-employment Screening
    Pre-employment Screening

    Do you really know who you are allowing into your business or home? We can reliably help you verify your potential employees’ trustworthiness before you hire them using our Layered Voice Analysis Technology

  • Honesty Maintenance
    Honesty Maintenance

    In case of criminal incidents, we offer streamlined, reliable periodic lie detection testing using Layered Voice Analysis Technology

  • Cutting edge technology
    Cutting edge technology

    LVA-Check uses globally recognised Layered Voice Analysis Technology (LVA ™) developed in Israel by Nemesysco

LVA-Check is an efficient, remote Human Resources assessment system that integrates Layered Voice Analysis (LVA ™)Technology with customised sets of investigative questions.

LVA-Check has established itself as one of the market leaders using this technology in the South African and broader African markets. We provide Truth Verification services to the corporate sector, from small businesses to BlueChip companies.

LVA-Check harnesses the power of Layered Voice Analysis Technology to go beyond traditional polygraph testing methods. Words hold immense power - we tap into the intricate layers of people’s voices to determine the honesty and integrity of their words.

If you're looking to build a trustworthy team, LVAcheck is the ultimate tool to safeguard your organisation from potential risks, ensure a harmonious workplace, and foster a culture of truth and accountability.


LVA-Check – Honesty made simple; integrity guaranteed.

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