What We Offer

Our LVA-Check application can be used during both the initial phase of the recruitment process, as well as periodically when a criminal incident has occurred in the workplace. We utilize unique Layered Voice Analysis Technology with carefully designed investigative questionnaires which will assist you in making the right choice when vetting potential staff and or service providers or investigating a workplace incident.



Pre-employment Vetting

The initial phase of the recruitment procedures. Identify quickly topics that can pose risk to your orginization


Periodic Assesment

Periodic assesment for all levels of employees- organizational “honesty maintenance”

         What We Identify



    How are Tests conducted   

Operator questions subject using a computer with microphone

Subject completes own test via Mobile Phone

Results obtained via Cloud Analysis


All reports stored in our secure cloud server and displayed on the LVA-Check platform


all reports can be dispersed via Email

Why Choose LVACheck

With LVA-Check, there are no more cumbersome wires or uncomfortable setups. Our cutting-edge technology harnesses the power of the voice to detect the subtlest of changes, making it the most advanced and non-intrusive truth verification method available.

Our advanced technology boasts unparalleled precision, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions. Say goodbye to doubts and uncertainties, and embrace the future of truth verification with LVA-Check.

LVACheck is Friendly & Easy to Use 

No age, gender or
ethnic bias

Automated report generation - Intuitive
and easy to understand


Enables mass vetting
in short time frames

LVA-Check balances between: 

  •  Optimal accuracy based on psychophysiological measurements

  •  Immediate availability and ease of use

  •  A fair price tag, suitable for mass scale deployment



With over 20 years of experience, we’ll ensure you always get the best guidance. We serve our clients at every level of their organization, whether as a trusted advisor or management coach for front line employees.

We strive to build a relationship of trust with each clientfor the long-term. We have served 70% of our clients for over 5 years.